Board of Directors 2017 Candidates

It’s an exciting time at the Co-op and now’s your chance to get more involved.  We are seeking nominations for the 2017 Board of Directors election, which will take place at the General Membership Meeting on May 14, 2017.

For more information on Board Expectations, Responsibilities, and Requirements, as well as election and nomination procedure, see here

Voting will take place at the Spring General Membership Meeting on May 14, 2017. Absentee voting will take place in store and online May 9-13. One vote per membership.

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Cara Brooke Adams

My name is Cara Adams and I am nominating myself for a position on the Board of Directors for the Stevens Point Area Cooperative. With a degree in Agricultural Communications, I have held jobs in the training, marketing and nonprofit sectors. Before moving to Wisconsin, I was employed with the Oklahoma Agricultural Mediation Program as an Operations and Communications Manager. While there, I gained experience with the fiscal, general operations, and communication responsibilities of a non-profit organization that answered to a board of directors.

Since moving to central Wisconsin in 2015, I have experienced a transformation of views when it comes to the ability to have local farms sell their goods to the surrounding population in a sustainable and affordable fashion. I never thought it possible to eat local produce all year. The SPA Co-op has given me that opportunity. I feel passionate about empowering our community to support the pursuits of local producers, as well as learning to provide our families with the best quality nutrition possible. With my love of the area, the people, and our mission of locally sustainable, healthy foods, I feel my past experience, training, and skills will make me a valuable person for a position on the Board of Directors for the SPA Co-op.

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Bill Duessing

I have enjoyed serving on the Board of Directors for the past two years during this exciting and challenging time. I am the facilitator of the Physical Circle and serve on the We the People Circle. I feel it is important to be inclusive of the membership and staff as we continue making positive changes to the Co-op. I am passionate about the changes that have taken place and have played an integral role in their implementation. I listen to all sides of issues before making a decision and believe in consensus building before taking action.

Creative expression is an important part of my life. In the warmer months it takes the form of landscaping and gardening. In the winter, I blissfully build the 8th wonder of the world in my backyard for my daughter and her friends.  

We have developed a cohesive team and I would like to build on that as we welcome new people to the Board and staff.


Oren Jakobson

I am an organic farmer and cider maker. I currently serve as Chair of the Board and served as Finance Officer the year before. As I have gotten to know our Co-op, I have grown to appreciate the significant impact this institution has on our community. I enjoy and value the opportunity to contribute my own experiences in management, finances, and local food while learning from our rich history and knowledgeable staff and membership.

For the last year, I have committed to working with our staff to develop leadership skills and build a collaborative, innovative, and energetic culture. We are improving our service to our members while providing our staff with ongoing opportunities to learn and grow. During my tenure on the Board, we have maintained a strong financial position, started long-needed infrastructure projects, and renewed our commitment to being a leader in natural foods. I enjoy this work and want to continue serving the Co-op, our membership, and our community.


Lydia Kasper

Hello, I’m Lydia!  I work at the Main Grain Bakery, and study herbalism at the Wildwood Institute in Verona, Wisconsin. I enjoy photographing wildlife, creating botanical illustrations, and making things from scratch.

I would be honored to serve on the board as an advocate for the community. I appreciate that the Co-op is striving to get back to its roots of pureness and simplicity, and am also excited about the direction the cooperative has taken in the past year. I would love to share my interest in building our community by learning more about positive changes that can be made within the Co-op. I admire the Co-op as a unique living structure - made up of people who care deeply about food, the environment, and the citizens of Stevens Point.  I’m grateful for your vote and I look forward to serving you and our community with an open heart.


Sarah River

Hello fellow SPA Co-op lovers! My name is Sarah River and I have been a member since moving to the area in 2010. I am a farmer and owner of Primitive Pastures in Iola along with my husband Robin and our two little boys: Gaius, 5, and Odin, 2. I also serve as the Vice President of the Wood/Portage/Waupaca chapter of the Wisconsin Farmers Union.

I am passionate about our local food system and I believe that the cooperative structure is the best way to meet the needs of our community. We shop at the Co-op to find products that are produced in a sustainable, clean way. We place a high value on fair wages for employees, fair trade, and fair pricing. If elected to serve, I will stand up for these values I hold dear. If we have never met, I hope to visit with you soon and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather.