Humans of the Co-op

Whether you were members from the beginning or joined the ride along the way, you all are incredibly important to the story of our success and we want to highlight you! If you are interested in sharing your Co-op story, please reach out and send an email to we would love to hear from you!


I have been connected to the Co-op from the very beginning of the local food movement, but it’s something we must all work together to create. I always came on Thursdays to help unload the truck that came from Madison. We weren’t paid, we were just helpful members of the community.   

So many people spend time trying to make a living instead of trying to make a life. But, let’s face it: food is the most important thing after clean water and air. At my farm, I’ve been building the soil for many years so that it is now nutrient rich soil, which produces more nutritious food.”  

- Dave P.