The Local Produce Case Program


What It Is

We want to be your source for easy access to local food--so, in partnership with Farmshed, Co-op members will be able to reserve cases of local produce for a special case price from March 1 through April 1 for the 2018 growing season. 

All produce will be sourced from community and local farms: Whitefeather Organics, Growing Earth Farm, Cattail Organics, Field Notes Farm, and Red Door Farm (all of whom you can regularly find in our produce cooler).

There will be 13 items available to reserve for the special case price: beans, storage beets, broccoli, kraut cabbage, storage carrots, pickling and slicing cucumbers, grade A yellow onions, grade A yellow and russet potatoes, sweet corn, and paste and slicing tomatoes. 


How It Works

1. From March 1 through April 1, members can reserve cases of local produce either by filling out the form below or in-store. 

2. Put down a case deposit of $10 on reserved cases by April 15. Deposits can be paid for either over the phone or in-store. 

3. Members will be notified to confirm the order prior to order being placed, with information on when case(s) will be available to pick up.

4. Pick up your produce case(s) from the Co-op and enjoy!


What's Included

Item Case Size Price
Beans 5 lbs $15.81
Beets, Storage 25 lbs $51.75
Broccoli 15 lbs $43.13
Cabbage, Kraut 20 lbs $23.00
Carrots, Storage 25 lbs $43.13
Cucumbers, Pickling 10 lbs $46.00
Cucumbers, Slicers 15 lbs $25.88
Onions, Yellow, Grade A 25 lbs $40.25
Potatoes, Russet, Baking 25 lbs $33.06
Potatoes, Yellow, Grade A 25 lbs $33.06
Sweet Corn 24 ears $16.56
Tomatoes, Paste 20 lbs $34.50
Tomatoes, Slicers 20 lbs $34.50

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