About the Management Circles

The Stevens Point Area Co-op’s management circles use a collaborative model to facilitate the four main areas of our Co-op’s management: financials, human resources, internal/external communication, and facilities.

The circles engage staff, Board, and members in management tasks and decisions, using the expertise of all circle members while creating a more open flow of communication, collaboration, and sense of purpose in the Co-op itself.

Aside from our four main management circles, other full circles, semi-circles, and sub-circles can form as needed. For example, the Beautiful Foods circle has a more permanent presence as it tackles the core business mission of the Co-op: ensuring that the products we carry at the Co-op meet our product selection requirements and Statement of Purpose. Meanwhile, circles have formed temporarily to plan Co-op events like the General Membership Meetings.


How to be Involved

Co-op members can become involved in two ways. Like the monthly Board meetings, all members can attend a circle meeting or add items to an agenda; meeting information is posted in the foyer, along with each circle’s contact information.

Want to be more actively involved? The circles are accepting applications for members to join. Find information on each circle, and fill out this application to be considered.


Management Circle Application


About Each Circle

We the People Circle :: send applications to kamia@spacoop.com

Numbers Circle :: send applications to melissah@spacoop.com

Physical Circle :: send applications to billd@spacoop.com

Communications Circle :: send applications to annem@spacoop.com

Beautiful Foods Circle :: send applications to  brittanyw@spacoop.com