How does a membership work? 

When you become a member at the Co-op, you pay $40 per year for a 15% discount on every product in the store. This means if you spend $5 per week, your membership pays for itself. As a member, you also receive bimonthly newsletters, an additional case discount of 10% on special orders, regular member coupons and giveaways, and more.  


Why buy a membership? 

The Co-op membership doesn’t just save you money: it allows you to be an active part of a movement focused on honest food, local producers, and community sustainability. As a member of the Co-op, you can be involved in a number of ways, beyond spending your food dollars to support these things. Run or vote in the Board elections each Spring, attend or add agenda items to Board and management circle meetings, become a working member, or apply to join a management circle, and make decisions about the Co-op.


Are you a student? 

Students with a valid college, technical school, or high school id can join the Co-op on a student membership for $25 per year. Student members enjoy all the same benefits of our regular members. 


Do you have to be a member to shop at the Co-op?

Anyone can shop at the Co-op, whether or not you have a membership! If you’re a senior, a student, or a member of a different co-op, we also offer a 5% discount.