Our Newsletter

The Cooperative Spirit  is SPAC’s bimonthly membership newsletter, featuring Co-op news, recipes, members-only coupons and contests, and community spotlights.

The Cooperative Spirit has been published for over 14 years, and provides a great way for our 1900+ members to stay up-to-date on current Co-op happenings.

Advertising in the Newsletter

Ads start at $30 for members ($45 for nonmembers), and reach a growing readership of over 1,900 six times a year.

Ad deadlines are:

December 1st – for the January/February issue published January 1

February 1st – for the March/April issue published March 1

April 1st – for the May/June issue published May 1

June 1st – for the July/August issue published July 1

August 1st – for the September/October issue published September 1

October 1st – for the November/December issue published November 1

To ensure that we meet our layout and printing deadlines, ads that are not submitted by this time will not be printed. Ads run continuously from the date they are placed; those that are not retracted or revised by the appropriate deadline will be printed as is, and ad rates will apply.

Our advertising rates per issue are:
1/8 page / Horizontal / 2.5”x3.75”
$30 Member
$45 Non-Member

1/4 page / Vertical / 4”x5”
$45 Member
$55 Non-Member

1/2 page / Horizontal or vertical / 5”x8”
$70 Member

To submit your photo-ready ad in color or grayscale, contact our newsletter team at newsletter@spacoop.com or 341-1555 ext. 308 by the appropriate deadline.

Need help creating an ad? We offer basic design services to our advertisers! Please include all information and logos, etc. in one email.
$65 Member
$75 Non-Member

Note: Ad information submitted for design services is due one week prior to normal ad deadlines.