We're Hiring!

The Stevens Point Co-op is hiring staff members with the opportunity to grow your professional areas of expertise. If your heart flutters at the words “organic,” “local,” and “cooperative,” we want you!

 The Stevens Point Area Co-op is a local independent food co-op. We are collectively managed, and are looking for someone interested in working as an active, solid member of our team. Your specific duties will be tailored to your skill set and our needs, and will also include regularly scheduled register/cashier shifts.

What You’ll be Doing:

-        Contributing your professional skills, possibly in the areas of working member coordination, dairy and frozen foods, and communications.

-        Providing outstanding customer service, even if it means being in the know on the latest from Dr. Oz.

-        Efficiently handling money and correctly performing register transactions like a boss.

-        Working scheduled nights and weekends (and cheerfully picking up shifts for your coworkers).

-        Collaborating and working with a proactive, friendly team of staff and board members, and attending/working in management circle meetings in the areas of financials, communications, and/or facilities.

What You’ll (Ideally) Bring to the Co-op:

-        You’ve got experience in cooperative structures and organic foods (or a deep, burning interest to learn).

-        You’re invested in our community: you think the Co-op and Stevens Point are the bomb-diggity—or, if you’re new to the area, you’re excited to explore it.

-        You’re a leader comfortable in team-based settings, and you place an emphasis on collaboration.

-        You’re flexible, proactive, and have what some could consider an obnoxious attention to detail.

-        You thrive when you’re committed to your work.

Pay and Benefits:

Most positions begin at $9.50/hr, based on experience. All Staff receive a weekend and holiday-eve premium of an additional $0.50/hr. Pay increases regularly to $11.50+/hr at 1,000 hours, with PTO and benefits available at this time to employees averaging over 20 hrs/week.


Please submit your application and resume by July 15, 2018.

www.spacoop.com × info@spacoop.com


633 Second Street

Stevens Point WI 54481