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Now more than 100 years old, our lovely building was literally built to be a grocery store! The products have changed, but the community support has remained. When you enter our store you will be greeted by helpful staff, friendly shoppers, and the unbelievable aromas of Earth Crust Bakery. We are committed to providing high quality whole foods and products that have a lower environmental impact, are minimally processed, provide honest, informative product labeling, and support local producers and suppliers. Our store is the perfect size for you to take your time perusing the aisles planning your meals, or to simply pop in for a sweet or savory snack.

Special ordering is available to all customers, so please
ask if you don’t see what you are looking for.


The Co-op is committed to offering as much organic and local produce as possible, because we believe organic farming support a healthy environment. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers fill our produce section. We feature local, regional, and seasonal produce and are committed to developing and maintaining relationships with our local farmers. The vibrant colors and flavors available will satisfy your senses. We have the mainstays you are looking for as well as unique items you may have never tried before.

Where is it from?

All our produce falls under one of three categories:  Local, Organic, or Local Organic.

What do these labels mean?


This label means very local, grown within 50 miles of Stevens Point. This includes the following: all-natural, chemical free, heirloom home gardens, and organic farms. Suppliers include Pierre Ovanin, Whitefeather Organics, Hughlett’s Little Acres, and Field Notes Farm. Deliveries occur Tuesday through Thursday during the season.                         


This label means certified Organic, and often includes regional produce when in season from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Midwest.  Includes produce from Co-op Partners Warehouse in St. Paul, MN, and from Albert's Organics in Prescott, WI.   Deliveries occur Tuesday and Thursday.                                  

Local Organic

This label means certified Organic produce grown within the state of Wisconsin.  Deliveries occur Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


There are so many good reasons to buy in bulk - there’s much less wasteful packaging, you save money as you aren’t paying for product labels, and you can buy as little or as much as you want. All of this can help you experiment more with your cooking! We have a great assortment of grains, pastas, nuts, and granola. You’ll find soup mixes, herbs, seasonings, and teas. There’s coffee, honey, and nut butters - oh my! The Co-op packages a variety of bulk dried fruits, as well. Pick It, Pack It, and PLU It: Find something delicious, fill a bag or container (save a nickel if you bring your own), and record the PLU number.

 Supplier links

North Bay Trading Company

Grizzlies / Wildtime Foods

Tierra Farm

Great River Milling

Coffee and Liquor

Whether your tastes run bold or subtle, you want the same things from your beverages that you want from your food - conscientious producers, delectable flavors, and great quality. Our bulk and packaged coffees feature products that are fair trade and shade grown. Local and seasonal beers, as well as organic and mystery wines and local/regional liquors, will tantalize your taste buds.

Wellness and Body Care

What you put on your body can be as important as what you put in your body. Our Wellness and Body Care departments are stocked with high quality products containing naturally-derived ingredients. The Co-op offers a full variety of body care essentials as well as vitamins, supplements, homeopathics, and pure essential oils. Resource books are available for customer support.

 General Merchandise and Home Goods

When you need to deck out or clean up your home we have the supplies you are looking for. We focus on stocking environmentally responsible and cruelty-free products. There are biodegradable and plant-based sundries galore! The Co-op has home goods like hilarious pot holders, unique regional cutting boards, and tons of tea and coffee accessories. You can pick up organic socks, scarves, and soy candles. We have t-shirts, totes, tanks, and mugs if you want to represent the Co-op, and remember to check out our seasonal products like seeds, calendars, and holiday gifts. Now, how will you transport all these goodies? Pick out some recycled glass jars, beautiful baskets made by and supporting women in Ghana, or reusable lunch and produce bags.


The Co-op’s grocery shelves are stocked full of natural and organic products as well as many specialty and allergy-free items. We carry a multitude of brands, including those that use BPA-free cans, environmentally friendly packaging, and ethical practices. If you are looking for quality oils, nutritious cereals, or comforting soups you will find them here. Whether you’re starting from scratch or buying pre-made, we have wholesome baking supplies, gourmet products, hard to find items, and everyday essentials. Come in for drinks to quench your thirst, honey sticks to remind you that we’re all still kids, and energy bars to give you a boost.

Refrigerated Grocery and Frozen Foods

Our refrigerated grocery section is chock full of organic dairy and dairy alternative products. You will be delighted by our local pesto and eggs, the vast variety of cheeses, a multitude of yogurt choices, and plenty of meat and meat alternatives. There’s kombucha, kefir, juice, and condiments too. In frozen foods there’s something for everyone. We have vegetarian and vegan meals, whole grain and wheat-free breads, bagged vegetables and fruit, and, don't forget, the desserts! We also offer regional grass-fed and pasture-raised meats; the Lake Superior fish is also a big hit.

 Supplier links

Good Earth Farms

Beltie Beef

Lowland Bison Ranch