Our Products


Now more than 100 years old, our building was literally built to be a grocery store. The products have changed, but the community atmosphere has remained.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality whole foods and products that have a lower environmental impact, are minimally processed, provide honest, informative product labeling, and support local producers. We take pride in offering healthy, sustainable alternatives to conventional items and products that support special dietary needs.

You can check out our Producer Profiles to learn more about some of our local vendors and producers. 


Special ordering is available to all customers, so please ask if you don’t see what you are looking for. Members get an additional discount on special orders of one case or more.


The Co-op is committed to offering as wide of a selection of organic and local produce as possible, because we believe organic farming supports a healthy environment. We are committed to developing and maintaining relationships with our local farmers, and you can find a variety of produce grown in the area throughout the year.

Curious to see what we have in stock this week? Check out our Produce Pricelist, updated weekly on Fridays.

Refrigerated Grocery/Dairy and Frozen Foods

From local cheeses and eggs to goat milk and Wisconsin-made kombucha to dairy-free yogurts and non-meat deli slices, we have a full-spectrum selection of organic dairy and nondairy alternatives that is constantly growing.

Our freezer offers local and regional meats that are grass-fed and pasture-raised, vegetarian and vegan meals, whole grain and wheat-free breads, bagged vegetables and fruit, and organic and alternative desserts.


Pick It, Pack It, and PLU It! There are so many good reasons to buy in bulk: buy as little or as much as you want, forego wasteful packaging, and save money by avoiding the extra product labeling.

We offer herbs and spices, coffee, grains, pastas, nuts, tea, honey, syrup and other liquids in bulk, along with nut butters and dried fruits.

You can bring your own containers, and either save a nickel on your purchase, or donate it to our 1% Friday nonprofit of the month. And mark your calendars for Harvest Days in October, when we offer an additional 10% off bulk items.



Whether your tastes run bold or subtle, you want the same things from your beverages that you want from your food: conscientious producers, delectable flavor, and great quality. Our bulk and packaged coffees feature products that are Fair Trade and shade grown, and feature many Wisconsin and regional roasteries.

Spirits and Liquor

Featuring local and seasonal craft beers, organic wines, and local spirits, tantalize your taste buds while you support craft and sustainable brewing. You won’t be disappointed.

Wellness and Body Care

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Our Wellness and Body Care departments are stocked with high quality products containing naturally-derived ingredients and steering clear of dangerous and unethical fillers. Products include pure essential oils, comprehensive supplements and vitamins, homeopathics, protein shakes, probiotics, local soaps and lotions, shampoos and toothpastes without the weird “extras,” and much more.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have a variety of vendors we can special order from, just for you.


Whether you’re cooking from scratch or buying pre-made, we have a full variety of everyday essentials, gourmet products, and hard-to-find items.

We carry a multitude of natural, organic, and local brands, and are constantly adding to our shelves with the best products we can find.


 General Merchandise

We stock many environmentally responsible and cruelty-free products, along with artisan specialties. Items include gentle but effective cleaning supplies and reusable containers, colorful artisan baskets, locally-produced pot holders, unique regional cutting boards, and seasonal products like seeds, calendars, and holiday gifts.