Producer Profiles

The Stevens Point Area Cooperative was founded as a way for our community to intentionally have a voice in the food industry. We want food that is of high-quality, less refined, more nutritious, has a lower environmental impact than conventional counterparts, and supports our community economy. 

One of those goals, supporting our community economy, is showcased through our Local Producer Profiles. The team interviews producers within 150 miles of the Co-op get to know them better and chat about why they started their business, what their favorite thing about working in Wisconsin is, and much much more. There are currently 36 producers within 50 miles (Community) and 55 producers between 50 and 150 miles (Local) of the Co-op, and our goal is to keep increasing these numbers! If you or someone you know is a local producer and you think they’d fit in the Co-op, let them know to contact to start the conversation!