What is a working member? 

Working members are members of the Co-op who dedicate three hours per week, three weeks a month, of their time to the Co-op.  Working members receive a 25% discount, with an additional 5% discount on special orders of one case or more.

Working members have the opportunity to become involved in the day-to-day operations of the Co-op, working with staff to complete Co-op tasks like produce and bulk processing, cleaning, stocking, maintenance, minute-taking, and other work. Like all members of the Co-op, they are also eligible to join management circles, vote in the annual Board election, and receive the Co-op's bimonthly newsletter. 


Become a working member

If you are interested in becoming a working member, pick up a Working Membership Application at the Co-op, or download the application below. After receiving your completed application, we’ll set up a short information session between you and our Working Member Coordinator.

Contact our working member coordinators at workingmember@spacoop.com for further information or questions.