The Stevens Point Area Co-op is an independent, full-line natural foods cooperative. We are member-owned and cooperatively-managed.

The Stevens Point Area Co-op serves our community by providing high-quality organic, whole, local foods and products. We promote local  and small-scale producers, environmental sustainability, and continually strive to provide greater access to high-quality food in our community. 

Located in downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin, we are open to all persons in the community, and anyone can become a member.  


Harvest Days is back at the Co-op! Stop by all of October to enjoy great deals as we celebrate all things bulk, fair-trade, and local!

The Stevens Point Area Co-op was founded almost 50 years ago and continues to thrive to this day because we hold true to our principles of transparency and accountability in our food chain: from the farmer working the field, to the distributor shipping out a product, and to you buying your groceries, we all deserve to be treated fairly and live sustainably. Whether this means buying directly from our neighbors or buying from distributors we know align with our core beliefs, we are proof that a fair food system can exist and needs to exist. To celebrate this, stop by all of October to enjoy sales on all your favorite bulk items and various fair-trade or local producers.

The products we buy and the producers we support makes a difference in the world. Join us this October in saying buying bulk, buying local, and buying fair-trade is what’s important to the Co-op, to our community, and to you!



(715) 341-1555


633 2nd St
Stevens Point
WI 54481


M–F 7a–8p
Sa-Su 8a–6p


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